On SME Working Capital Loan

How We Can help You

Focus On What You Excel In

Applying for loan can be a hassle to many. Other than comparing the interest loans on the various banks and financial institutions, some admin work is definitely necessary and you will need to set aside time to complete the application. Why not let us help you with the application, while you continue to channel your energy to running the day-to-day operation?

Banks and Their Policies

We have worked with numerous banks and financial institutions over the years and have gained substantial insights of their policies. This benefits our clients. We understand the bank’s requirements and client’s needs to provide a match to loan application. That is another reason that we take the extra efforts to analyse your company’s financial status. With that, we can present you the financing options for consideration.

Each Loan Application Is Unique

Each loan application is unique, whether for emergency, day-to-day operation needs or for business expansion. Our professional consultant will do an analysis of the company’s financial health status and understand client’s need before advising them the various suitable loans and its interest, to the best of client’s benefit.

Good Working Relationship with Bankers

Good working relationship with bankers is an important factor for loan application. We are able to advocate application on behalf of our clients. To be able to maintain good working relationship also signify that we are a reliable and dependable company.


How much time can you spare to submit the loan application to different banks? The application process can be extensive if the application is submitted to the bank directly. The outcome will only made known after four to eight weeks with a letter or phone call or an email. Should the application be unsuccessful, who can you ask to find out? And will you really be able to find out the reasons behind? Time is money. Let us direct your application to the proper channels through multiple banks directly.


This is one question we get a lot. ``How much do you charge?`` There are many loan facilitators out there who demand for a fee before and after (non-refundable) work is done. Do you get the assurance in this way? Inland Capital Services has a different business model - Upfront fee not applicable! We only charge an advisory fee when the loan application is successful. We first seek to understand your loan objective and quantum; then work towards to achieve your goal and will charge the fee when the application is successful. This is the assurance that you can get from us.


Companies applying for the SME Working Capital Loan should meet the following criteria:

  • Company registered and operating in Singapore
  • At least 30% local shareholding
  • Annual sales ≤ S$1m or ≤ 10 employees
  • Group annual sales of ≤ S$100m or group employment size ≤ 200^

Apply For SME Working Capital Loan (WCL)

You can apply for the WCL pre-loan assessment* in just 2 minutes, Apply now to find out!


  1. An advisory fee is chargeable only when the loan application is approved. Otherwise fee is NOT chargeable.
  2. Results from the pre-loan assessment is broad indication of the loan application based on the information submitted.
  3. Inland Capital Services does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of any information provided by the pre-loan assessment.
  4. The pre-loan assessment shall not be served as an outcome of a loan application assessment. Applicant is required to provide the supporting documents for loan approval.

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