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The Finance Minister announced at Budget 2016 of a new loan scheme, the SME Working Capital Loan, to support viable SMEs that may have cash flow concerns or wish to continue growing their business. The SME Working Capital Loan scheme will finance loan up to $300,000 per SME. Under this scheme, the Government will co-share 50% of the default risk of these loans with participating institutions to encourage lending to SMEs.  read more

The SME Working Capital Loan will be available for three years, starting from 2016.

This is Government’s effort to help enterprise sustain and/or flourish their business. With the scheme benefitting enterprises such the low interest rate, we encourage SME to leverage on this scheme to strategize the company’s business operation.

Loan Features

Why Choose the SME Working Capital Loan? (WCL)

Low interest rate

No lock-in interest

No penalty for early redemption

Leverage on the scheme to review current business operation and embark on innovation project to improve productivity and capabilities for business growth

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  1. An advisory fee is chargeable only when the loan application is approved. Otherwise fee is NOT chargeable.
  2. Results from the pre-loan assessment is broad indication of the loan application based on the information submitted.
  3. Inland Capital Services does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of any information provided by the pre-loan assessment.
  4. The pre-loan assessment shall not be served as an outcome of a loan application assessment. Applicant is required to provide the supporting documents for loan approval.

Low interest rate


At least 30% local shareholding


Fast & Easy to Apply


Transform your business through innovation.

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